See-through progress.
Breakthrough success.

A walk in the
(construction) park.

Simply grab your 360˚ camera, go on your routine site walk, and let Oculo’s AI accurately capture and map every detail—above and beneath the surface—to your models and drawings.

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Turn captured data into constructive insights.

Effortlessly compare visual records side-by-side within a digital twin of your site as you review historical conditions, verify progress, check alignment to design, and raise or address issues on any spot.

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Call the right shots anytime, anywhere.

Turn time-consuming inspections into efficient virtual walkthroughs. With your Oculo digital twin, you’ll be able to run site meetings, streamline technical discussions, and align subcontractor meetings more productively, and even remotely.

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I feel listened to. It’s been a two-way street. We are making changes and developing the system together not only for the better of us, but for the whole industry.

Chris Wallace
‍Construction Director, Lovell Partnerships

‍Having Oculo’s 360˚ visuals is a massive benefit to us as a business. When issues arise we want to be 100% sure that we’ve done everything right and your system underpins that.

Senior Operations Manager
Willmott Dixon

Oculo provides a solution that's easy to use. I think they are harnessing digital technologies incredibly well into an industry sector construction that's typically fairly basic in its utilization of digital platforms. They don't overcomplicate. The product is simple to use and set up.

Senior Project Manager

I can see, and demonstrate, exactly what had been done when. Once everybody knows what the tool can do, the whole mindset shifts to become more collaborative and transparent

Dave Meldrum
Meldrum Group CEO

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