Fully capture and map your site in minutes.

Why waste hours or even days manually capturing your site when our 360˚ camera can passively complete it for you during your routine site walk?

10x faster and more complete site records

Passive 360˚ Reality Capture

Who says powerful technology can’t be easy to use? Our 360˚ camera requires no extra prep or lengthy setups—simply switch it on and let it automatically capture any area you visit.

AI-Powered Auto Site Mapping

Oculo automatically geolocates your captured data to your site drawings, creating a comprehensive, continuous  360˚ visual history that you can easily access anywhere.

No Blind Spots, No Missed Issues 

Notice any issues during your site walk? Document them onsite from your phone or remotely via desktop and display them within the 360˚ virtual environment.

10x More Data, 10x Faster

Document large and complex sites with unprecedented ease and accuracy, and retrieve visual records in seconds.


Gain actionable insights from the full picture.

Instantly understand your project, spot issues and trends, and compare between versions with a 360˚ digital twin of your site and a comprehensive visual history at your fingertips.

80% lower rework costs in case of claims

Full Building Visual History

Our AI-powered automation compiles and builds a safety net of photographic evidence, which enables you to confidently record as-built, demonstrate compliance, and settle disputes.

See behind Closed Walls

Leave no panel unturned. As you inspect projects remotely, open up walls and ceilings to inspect the MEP structure and installations without any teardown.

Inspect Alignment with the BIM model

Instantly access your BIM model—from your desktop, tablet, or phone—and compare it against built conditions anywhere on site.

Side-by-Side Comparison

Effortlessly compare between as-built and the BIM model. Gain a clear picture of progress for each trade, and have an objective point of reference for any discussions and claims.

Verify Changes Over Time

Validate progress and address claims in seconds by comparing site conditions over time.


Make insight-driven decisions anytime, anywhere.

Collaborate with your team in real time within the digital twin of your site. Run site meetings remotely across multiple stakeholders, streamline technical discussions, and align subcontractor and client meetings with virtual issues and comments.

60+ trade teams coordinated weekly

Remote Site Inspection

Complete site inspection in minutes—not hours—and assign tasks without stepping foot outside your office.

Seamlessly Integrate with CDE and Field Tools

Our market-leading integrations with Autodesk, Procore, and Fieldview allow you to create issues straight from Oculo.

Enhance Site Visit Productivity

Maximise your teams’ time efficiency by using your digital twin as a remote triaging or planning tool before committing to an in-person site visit.

Streamline Stakeholder Discussions

Your 360˚ visual references give you the transparency and accountability you need to objectively conduct detailed variations and claims discussions between parties.

Interactive Dashboard

Stay on top of issues and snags by managing their progress within the interactive dashboard.

Create & Export Reports in Seconds

Create your site reports and schedules of condition within seconds and effortlessly export any or all issues and observations to PDF or Word.

Customer Success

Solutions built for you, with you.

The construction industry may be ever-evolving, but so are we. That means we’re constantly working with construction leaders and tech partners to improve our solutions and features.

Approachably Advanced

Every Oculo feature is built with simplicity and ease of use in mind, delivering advanced, high-value impact while requiring minimal prep and setup.

Insight-Driven Refinement

We monitor, provide data, and review metrics with you to assess Oculo’s adoption and value, and collaborate with your project teams, champions and leaders to improve or course correct.

Alignment & Enablement

We don’t simply send you a camera and wish you good luck—you can count on us to train, assist, and help you unlock Oculo’s full potential for your specific goals.

Customer Advisory Board

As a partner in our Customer Advisory Board, you’ll be invited to participate in feedback, idea generation, and experimentation sessions to further hone Oculo into the perfect tool and platform for you.


Step into our

Constructive insights don’t end at Oculo—we’re collaborating with leading tech partners and industry groups to cross-integrate and distribute Oculo.

Take Oculo for a walk.

Don’t just read about it. Book a trial session now and discover Oculo’s potential on your site.