Frequently Asked Questions

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Will I get live footage from the site?

Oculo site scans are “as-live”—a record of how the site is at a specific moment in time. This is why we recommend regular scanning to give your team an accurate understanding of your project’s latest progress, which in some cases requires daily scanning.

As such, this is different from real-time, live surveillance such as CCTV which requires constant connectivity that most construction sites simply do not have.


Do I need internet on site?

We know wifi, GPS, and network reception can be spotty onsite, so we’ve designed Oculo to scan your site without any sort of connectivity.  This also means that Oculo can be deployed in basements, tunnels, and on sites without any internet connectivity.

The one thing you do need to be connected for, is uploading the camera’s site scan footage, but this is done post-scan from the site or head office.


Does Oculo need BIM to work?

No, BIM is not required for Oculo, which means that it can be used on all types of projects including renovations of older buildings and projects with limited site plans and documentation.

That said, we do work with BIM and are able to reconcile the pictures taken against the model and display them in a side-by-side view, simplifying comparison of reality against plan.


Can I share my 360˚ site capture with my stakeholders?

Yes! Our scans support multi-user viewing and collaboration, meaning you can easily share data with your client, QS, or subcontractor.

Plus, there is no restriction on the number of users per project, so the more the merrier—whether they are on site, working remotely, or based overseas.


What types of construction is Oculo suitable for?

Oculo is the most flexible solution for capturing visual data, and as such can be used on virtually any construction type and phase—from groundworks to handovers, from residential to infrastructure.

It doesn't depend on WiFi or GPS, meaning the system works indoors, outdoors or even underground.


Which camera do I need?

We support Insta360 One X2, One X3, and One X4 as well as the One RS 1-Inch cameras.


Can I lease a camera from you?

We can hire out our cameras for one-off scans or demos.

That being said, we recommend customers acquire their own camera if they intend to use Oculo regularly in a project.


How does Oculo satisfy privacy regulations and GDPR?

Oculo uses face-blurring techniques to prevent the identification of individuals on your site.

See our Privacy Policy for more details on how we manage personal data.


Do you operate internationally?

Yes, our customer base is global. As a cloud based solution, there are no limits to the locations of sites or users.


How quickly can I get started?

We can work to your timelines. We have been able to get sites up and running on the same day where a camera was already available, else we usually allow a couple of days for shipping and setup.


What do I need to get started?

You’ll need a 360° camera from our list of supported cameras, our mobile app, and an Oculo login. We will need your floor plans and/or 3D model in order to process your camera footage.