November 17, 2021
July 10, 2024

Oculo partners with Touchplan

Oculo and Touchplan are pleased to announce our newly formed partnership to bring together dynamic lookahead planning with comprehensive reality capture. We believe that this combination of tools will be invaluable in aligning on and off-site teams in producing a solid and achievable plan of work.

Communication, especially from those who make plans in the field, is frequently a pain point.  Touchplan and Oculo feel that this can largely be resolved by using comprehensive, shared, and up-to-date visual documentation of the jobsite, allowing construction teams to be concise, precise, and get the weekly plan to the lowest level.

Our goal is to take the 20,000 foot-view from which most project managers see the jobsite and get it down to the lowest level. All parties should be able to have the same information available to them to understand the macro workings of the job from any location, and our tech combined with Touchplan can help achieve that.

Jason Barrington-Hines
Operations & Growth Manager at Oculo

The partnership between Touchplan and Oculo will allow visual documentation to be used proactively; to feed into dynamic scheduling, and to align all members of the project team. Planning sessions can become virtual rehearsals, where all members of the team can visualize what needs to be done next, and remote team members can also contribute. This creates a jobsite where obstacles are avoided, responsibilities are clear, and constraints are less of an issue. Owners and architects can have data-driven conversations with contractors and collaborate openly.

Our joint customers are able to visualise the real site conditions whilst evaluating progress and finalising the plan
Touchplan prides itself on being an innovative partner for our customers. We adapt the technology to their processes and are truly a customer-driven solution. Partnering with Oculo makes Touchplan better because it gives us an edge over simply being a stand-alone solution.

Andrew Piland
Touchplan Technology Partnership Manager

About Touchplan

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