August 1, 2021
July 10, 2024

Willmott Dixon use Oculo to deliver safer homes

Willmott Dixon have been using Oculo since November 2021 and so Simon Wilson, Senior Operations Manager, joins Wojtek Szymczak, COO of Oculo, to talk about what first led to that decision and the benefits they have seen as a result.

The project was a year-long cladding replacement job on a high-rise building in northwest London. The safety of many high-rise buildings had been called into question after the Grenfell Tower tragedy, so there were many sensitivities around the work and a need to be absolutely sure that the cladding was installed correctly, which is what led Willmott Dixon to chose this site to test out Oculo for the first time.

There is a roadmap beyond these few jobs to integrate this system into all our business

Oculo works by transforming the footage it gets from its hard-hat cameras into an up-to-date 360° “streetview” of the site that can be viewed and navigated through online. This allows the user to pick any point on the floor plan and then see, within a few clicks, what the site looked like at a specific point in time. Crucially, this also creates an as-built record and over time, gives the ability to see what lies behind walls and areas subsequently closed up.

We’ve demonstrated this to our building control team on the project and they’ve really embraced it, they like the level of accuracy it gives you and the pictures - it gives a real good date-stamp to walk back in time….we’re now getting ready to download the content at the end of the project, having our countdown meetings, making it part of our O&Ms and obviously creating the file that we give to building control.

Simon Wilson
Senior Operations Manager, Willmott Dixon

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